Hi! I’m Lauren, wife to James and mom to our beautiful baby girl, Louise, whom we welcomed in 2019. After returning from maternity leave for a few months in early 2020, COVID-19 hit.  With the virus on its rampage, I had the opportunity to work from home while also keeping Louise home from daycare.  It was such a blessing and some of the most difficult work of my life.  I’ve been able to see every moment: from her first crawl, finding her loudest squealing voice, standing, and soon walking.  With the proliferation of video meetings, my coworkers also got this view into our lives… sitting on the floor of her nursery… with the occasional spit-up-on look… with Louise squealing into the microphone as soon as I went off mute. 

James tried to help, but we were still breastfeeding, so it became habit that I had the baby monitor; I would get her up from naps, feed her, and then she was with me until her next nap. I, like many moms of this era, was doing two jobs simultaneously, day in and day out.  Though challenging, I realized over the first few weeks that there was one job I wanted to be doing more than the other. 

Like many of the incredible women whose blogs have helped me through the challenges of motherhood, I decided to leave my paid career to enter a new season of life, focusing on our home and our family.  I hope this site gives you a glimpse into our happy world as we share what we’re learning along this path to focus on what matters while efficiently taking care of what’s necessary.  Happy optimizing!

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